Dublin City Marathon Training – Update

Holy crap training can be boring at times

OK so lets get the good stuff out of the way first, training is going well, I am 7 weeks into the program and for the most part the body is holding up to 4 runs a week and now up to 4.5 mils per run. A few weeks back I picked up a heavy cold from the kids and this stopped me on 3 sessions in one week.  I got back again but two runs in at 2.5 mils I developed a pain in my right knee. I ran it off and had a freezing cold shower as the heating had not come on in work and after shivering myself dry i had my porridge and when i got up from my desk after an hour I could barley walk.

My knee had seized and was very painful, This took two days to stop being painful, This was on a Wednesday and the Friday and Sunday sessions i knocked on the head. Knee was fine so I ran again on the Tuesday and Wednesday  and while a slight niggle it held up well.  Tuesday was a 3mile run so all fine, Wednesday I had it in my head it was a 3 miler but forgot to check the plan. when i got in and changed the plan indicated a 4.5 mile run… have to be honest my heart sank a little but off I went in the cold Dublin morning and did 5 miles  at a pace of 9.30 per mile.

My pace puts me on a 4hr 15min I am trying hard to bring the pace down a little but already feel I am a whisker away from walking pace and to be honest the pace is working for me at the moment.  The next 5 training session are 3 > 4.5 miles but I have a 6 mile on 21st Feb which will be a test.

The only thing that keeps me going in these cold Irish mornings is the knowledge that I will be training on a tropical beach in Australia for a month in June/July and am really looking forward to that.

I have to say a big Thank You to the below sponsors that are supplying different items to help me train and hipeful of some more deals soon. Remember I am running for iCAN which is the Irish Children’s Arthritis Network.  They are  providing awareness and support to families and parents who have kids suffering Juvenile Arthritis. It’s a new charity but it already supports so many and is in need of funds to keep it supporting so many more.

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