Apple watch – Need to rethink my smartwatch choice

I have been the owner of an Apple watch for a few months now and its time to admit. I need to rethink this. 

As a fan of Apple devices and hardware I was awaiting the day I got an Apple Watch, I loved the designed and the quality feel of the product and think its a wonderful piece of hardware. I have the 42mm version and use it everyday. I have no issues charging it at night every night as I settled into a routine and to be honest I can easily get 2 days usage if needed with out much effort at all.

I love the notifications and how they work, I like the complications and what they offer. I like being able to answer and take a call on the watch. Only this past weekend I left my phone down and forgot where it was and a call came in to which i was able to take on the watch. I really love that i can Ping my phone to find where i left it, life save that feature at times.

I like the health aspect in that it can monitor my heart beat and let me know I am still alive.

Why do i now want to change it? One of the primary reasons to wear it was the above mentioned heart monitor functions,great for the everyday mundane stuff but with out fail on every single run I have been on it stops working. It takes a reading at the start of the run, then at the end and every thing else is blank!, nothing, like i died during my run and came back to life when i stopped.

Whats the point of this if it is not working as intended.

Much as i love the watch, it may have to go……

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