A Weekend making LEGO Movies

So while Mrs DoaWD was away at work this weekend myself and Liam made some Lego Movies.

So the weekend arrived and it started in the same way it normally does, Me helping the other half get ready for her job and looking after the kids. Liam is not in the best at the moment as the Arthritis has come back at him so he was having a PJ day. When herself was gone to work the boys remembered that there was a ban on all console activities for the day. This was due to a slight issue Friday evening, nothing too bad but enough to warrant a days ban for both boys.

This had a knock on effect as they tried to find something other than gaming to do. Not that they would spend all day on the PS4 but it was a void that needed filling. Dylan got on with some revision from school and was keeping up to date with the scores from the FA Cup. Liam on the other hand wanted to play LEGO with dad. Hands up at first I was just knackered and was not into it at all but quickly put that aside when he said in a little mousey voice “Dad will you play lego with me? I have no one to play with…….”  If that won’t get you moving nothing will. It was said with the biggest doe eyes ever.

So we started to build a few things then we hit upon a idea, Lets make a movie.. So Saturday afternoon we got the LEGO Movie making app FREE from the App store.  after a quick install we made our first quick movie. Its a simple tale about a diver getting eaten by a shark…. Random as ye like but we liked it.


Sunday rolled around and the first thing Liam asked when awake “So, we making another movie today?” and yes we did a 2nd little short, The Police Chase. Only this time we planned it out a little. we discussed what the store was and he wanted a bank robber getting chased by police. we then wrote down the scenes and had a plan of some sort and away we went. 3hours later we had another little movie. Have to admit the ending was rushed as my back was killing me and Liam was beginning to waiver but all in all it was great.


We had great fun for free with his LEGO and we plan n doing a few more movies that incorporate other toys he has.

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