LEGO City Police 60046 Review

So Xmas has been and gone and its time to reflect on the time building the Lego City set

LEGO is a timeless toy as far as I can see it, everyone from the young to the old male or female can build and enjoy the items LEGO has to offer.  We use LEGO alot with Liam as it is great therapy for his joints and combating Arthritis in his wrists and fingers which were very bad.

We have a number of sets but one of the best so far we got was LEGO City Police 60046 (pictured below)


So how was this one – Bloody great in short, One of the reasons this was so good was due to the joint effort that we both put in. LEGO brings you together  with your kids and you can both spend a few hours just messing and relaxing while working away to a common goal.

The set itself was very straightforward to put together from the small bank building and car with robbers and police which Liam cracked on with to the larger and very well detailed helicopter complete with spinning blades and sliding side door and tail lift. As we had the dinner table to yourself we started as the booklet suggest and worked away from bag 1 up to bag 6.

We sorted a little system where by each bag was placed onto an empty lid of a chocolate box as we scoffed the chocolate the spares and unused pieces went into the empty box itself so all was good. Liam was brilliant and really involved and loved seeing the building come to life as well as the car.

Given the helicopter was more complicated we worked on this together but in truth he came and went as the attention span waviered a little. I sat for a couple of hours and quitley worked away until the last rotor blade was attached and you have to hand it to LEGO they really know how to get these things looking the business.

All in all I would say its another 10/10 for the LEGO City Police 60046 set.

As a side note we had a non lego set to piece together NIGHTMARE was it was the Mega Bloks Minions Supervillian Jet – never again. limited instructions, no numbered bags and we spent the best part of an hour just trying to sort the pieces into relevant sizes to make the building a little less taxing. This thing took bloody hours to build and was not enjoyable in the least.  2/10 from us.

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