Lack of Changing facilities in Mens bathrooms!

Why is it that there is a complete lack of facilities for men to change babies when out in public?

So while I have a 6 and 13yr old boys i was reminded recently of the lack (still an issue) of changing facilities that men have when looking to change their babies. I am a very hands on dad and always have been. I think it’s a massive bonding experience to be a very active part in your child’s life from birth onwards.

One thing I noticed a lot when both my boys were in nappies was the lack of facilities in public areas that men can head into and change the kids. I stress this but most not ALL places in Dublin, Ireland and further afield have a change table in the ladies. Some places have a change room but these are few and far between. Mens restrooms have a lack of changing table, Why the hell is this?

We are in 2016 (cannot believe that bit) and I have two brothers-in-law with young babies and I am astounded that we still have a lack of changing tables in men’s bathrooms.

We are still sending a message of gender stereotyping that its a womans job to look after the kids by this lack of baby changing facility in the men’s bathroom.

While Ireland wants to promote family friendly holidays and family outings I think a lot of business need to look very hard at the areas that families need most. Restaurants need to move beyond the kids menu of sausage/nuggets/chips and offer good wholesome food at a good price for kids, deliver food on time with the adults starter, more napkins in case of a spill which lets face it will happen,  kids distractions  and most of all proper gender right changing areas for both mum and dad. Else I would be forced into the ladies with a baby holding the door closed while talking loudly to let women know I am changing the kid, not really ideal.

While I am at it how about for a thought the large supermarkets such as Tesco and Dunnes to provide more customer toilets – how many times do you need to beg to use the staff toilet and convince them you are not a shoplifter looking to raid the back storage area for a 24 pack of nappies or baby wipes. I nearly fell like producing a garda vetted form to prove I am not a criminal at times.




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