Another Year goes by..

So we see the close of 2015 and look forward to a new year that promises so much.2015 was a tough but good year for us, we managed to get Liam through another year of living with Arthritis with an increase in meds and moving from methotrexate onto Enbrel. The Methotrexate was not working and was way too hash on his body but the Enbrel seems to be doing him well.

We now have an active 6 year old although lots of precautions are still needed, while he can take part in more activities he still suffers greatly from mood swings, fatigue and illness picked up due to decrease in his immune system.

Dylan progressed from primary school into secondary school, he turned 13 and has really started to grow up so very fast. His grades in school were brilliant for a first round of results with most of his results in the A/B’s with minor C and one D (due to not reading questions on the first exam!!) .

Mrs DofaWD did amazing in organising her sisters wedding, being a brilliant mum, working bloody hard both in the house and out of it in her paid for job.

Me I enjoyed this year and started back running again, my job is going well, although the latter qtr of the year was bad due to my injury and resulting surgery. I started this blog  in August and its just gone on from strength to strength – I am amazed at how quickly its taken off and want to thank everyone who has played a part in it. from the site sponsors HP to all the PR companies and other manufactures that have supplied goods to me to review and offer as prizes. May that continue into 2016.

As we move into 2016 we ae all grateful that we are here and in good health, we have an amazing year ahead with a big holiday in Australia while seeing Hong Kong along the way. we will have 4 weeks of a family adventure that is being planned at the moment. It wont be long rolling around as I have only 4 paydays until the balance of the tickets are paid, Then only 6 weeks or so until we leave.

So while we look forward to 2016 I  want to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.


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