The difference in xmas eve preparations

Many moons ago when I was a kid It seemed the xmas eve set up was a lot easierMaybe it just seemed that way, The biggest thing my mum had to worry about was either a bike being set up or getting batteries. My xmas eve set up seems to be a lot more complicated.

A couple of years back I purchased a games console and game, being out west in Ireland was like being in a different world. In not other way is this more apparent than the lack of internet access, there was none at all. Getting a new PS4 and trying to run a game with out the ability to run any updates at all was a nightmare. This led to many a tear as I tried in vain to set up the thing to work.

Jump forward to this year, Fusball table, Santa dropped it over and I spent 3 hours trying to piece it together – nothing short of a nightmare. Bloody red and blue figures all over the camp, screws that did not fit, but build it I did and xmas morning was a great.

To be honest I think these are the moments as a parent you look to remember. think back on when in twilight years or when you are a grandparent retelling the days gone by. While at the time these were frustrations looking back I think they well be golden moments.

While I think my parents had it easy maybe they did not, maybe the set up was different but no less stressful…


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