My baby boy soon turns 13….

Since my sons were born i have created them both an email address and I actively send them emails on a regular basis on stuff i observe them do or i experience. Below is a email to my eldest son as he turns 13 soon…

 Its a Tuesday rainy afternoon while I am sat in my office thinking that in a couple of weeks you turn 13.. how did that happen, you my little boy are slowly transforming into a young man and what’s more someone I am so very proud to call my son.
I remember being in your nannys house in baldoyle when mum told me she was pregnant, I remember the first visit to the hospital, I remember the fear i felt when the doc confirmed all was not right and that you may have a life changing condition. I remember the look in your mums face as the doctor told us what may happen next.
I remember the first christmas at home when mum was heavily pregnant and heading over to nannys to spend a few days when you decided to arrive a little early. I remember your great grandad bursting to see you calling you his “little gangster”, your nanny and Pam waiting with nerves to see your little shining face.
Your mum was so brave as she gave birth and you were just perfect – I cut the cord and you were taken away from us straight away and whisked to a different hospital to get ready for your operation a few hours later.
Everyone was just so happy but nervous to make sure the operation was a success and while it was a few weeks waiting to bring you home, home you came and once in the house mum and I plonked you on the floor, looked at each other and were bursting with happiness and nerves as we had no idea what to do next or how to raise a  baby. I was so scared I could not look more than a few weeks into the future and could not imagine having a 13 yr old kid.
Over the years you have shown great strength, intelligence, wit, gracefulness,  learning, and understanding. I have seen you grow so quickly from a wobbly toddler carrying a football at your first birthday to running around like a pro owning the pitch.
You have grown into such a nice person that you have friends all around and never has anybody spoken ill of you. You have also grown into an amazing big brother, you are his hero and while it’s easy to forget when he is annoying you he really looks to you to show him the way. You have been amazing in dealing with and helping him deal with his illness and we never forget this.
As you move into your teenage years keep doing what you are doing. Keep learning and keep being a polite, well mannered, funny, sarcastic, kind, respectful and loving.
We may fall out every now and again because i get grumpy, that’s just me being tired due to getting up at stupid o’clock for work. no matter what no one not even mum will ever know how unbelievably proud I am to call you my son.
Being a teenager is going to be tough, always remember mum and I are always here for you and love you soo so much.
Happy 13th Birthday
all my love Dad
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