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So the folks over at Tru Virtu sent me over a wallet to review as a present for dad this xmas, what’s it like then?

So what is the Tru Virtu wallet, it is a blend of high-quality materials such as anodized aluminium, high-strength plastics and stainless steel constructed to bring you a high strength very classy cards and money protection unit that will also prevent RFID skimming.

I was sent over the Cash and Card 2 system that thanks to the combination of anodized aluminium and high quality polymers all Tru Virtu products are extremely robust but lightweight and protect cards from:

  • Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning)
  • Demagnetisation (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Outside influences like splash water, sand, snow or mechanical load

I have the black version but other colours are available.  My first thoughts on the wallet were that it was much smaller and lighter than i thought it would be. the photos on the website for me are a little deceiving in a good way though. due to no perspective being used I was surprised at the size and weight in a very much good way.

Straight away I transferred my contents from a very shoddy very very cheap version of the Tru Virtu into the original ans you can feel the construction quality oozing throughout. The buttons used to open the cash and card sections  have a satisfying  feel and when each section closes they snap shut and I don’t fear the catches will snap if the unit is dropped.

Below is the video demo of the Cash and Card 2 system

The cash I have folded into the unit is around €240 (don’t normally carry this much cash however in fact i feel like a millionaire, it wont last)  and this fitted fine, I have about 7 cards added from visa debit to social card and pass for bus, also I can confirm RFID blocking work as i need to remove my door pass from the wallet to get into my office.

You do need however to have enough cards inserted or you risk the cards falling out. 7 is perfect, less you risk dropping cards, 8 is too much.  it can carry and small amount of coin however i use this area for my paper driving license. as i carry a little coin in my pocket.

In short this is a product I would recommend for any dad looking for a new wallet for xmas and is different from the traditional leather offering you see all over the place.

Click the button below to head on over to Tru Virtu and find out more and buy one.

*Many Thanks to Akbar in Tru Virtu for sending over the wallet – visit

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