***REVIEW*** Speck iPhone case just saved my bacon

A bit of a cliche line but it happened while reviewing a new iPhone case from Speck. I dropped the bloody phone. Lucky I was using this and not the generic case I was using a couple days back.

OK it does sound mad but 100% for the first time in years my iphone slipped from my and the yesterday, This was due to trying to hold the phone in my right hand and type at the same time and since my accident I just cannot manage this, Only difference yesterday was it bloody slipped and i dropped the iPhone. Luck being with me for a change the Speck iPhone case i had fitted a couple days earlier was my saviour as the phone bounced across the pavement towards the road. Not a mark on the iPhone and only a minor mark on the Speck MightShell

The case in question was the MightyShell by Speck in a lime green and black colour as seen in the photos below. Lucky for me the 2x Military Drop Test came into its own, the case employs something called Radial Impact Geometry which allows the inner walls of the case to compact and absorb shock on impact deflecting it away from the phone. While the packaging also promotes No Slip it was not the fault of the case but rather and lack of grip effort from my thumb that caused the drop. The case infact has a texture that make it very easy and comfortable to hold  securely.

As the inner rubber of the case hold the phone inplace is also creates a raised bezel so if the phone lands face down the glass is not in contact with the surface it was dropped onto.

Speck were very kind enough to send me a version for both iPhone and Galaxy S6 and both fit the respective phones snuggly and give some major protection.  all in all due to my non factored in drop test this is a 5 star product.

You can buy your case from Speck from the link here or click the logo below


Buy today and get a 30% discount across the site – all orders placed today delivered before xmas

Many Thanks to Rachel Davidson and the team over at SPECK Products for supplying the review items








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