Star Wars The Force Awakens – what if is crap?

So lets just make a leap here, what if The Force Awakens is crap?

I have been a massive Star Wars and Star Trek fan since I can remember. To be honest I have been into all sorts of geeky sci-fi from Buck Rogers in the 25th century, Metal Mickey (did not see that coming did ya), Battlestar Galactica and lots lots more. Star Wars along with Star Trek have always been there, everything else comes and goes in phases but these two giants just remain a constant. With Star Wars I have every version released on VHS (remember them) some are highly collectable now, I remember when I was a kid living with my grandparents in Milton Keynes I used to go home for lunch, for 30 mins each day I watched  the films in order over a numbers of weeks. then I reset and started again 6 months later.

The adventures of Luke, Han, Leia, R2 etc were just amazing and to be honest I needed the escape. So into the mid 90’s we get news of a new trilogy.  Try as I might these just did not return us to the heights of Star Wars of old. They were a massive let down, although if one of my recent internet session revealed it may have been more interesting if Jar Jar was a Sith (see video), I am buying into this fan theory

George Lucas had one golden moment, one thought and it turned into Star Wars, but he was a dire film maker, he let his quest to have a digital movie making platform cloud the making of the film and it showed so much. however JJ Abrams now has the torch, all indicators dictate that the new film is amazing, it returns Star Wars to its roots. Can it be so? will i walk into the cinema just prior to xmas and be taken back to my childhood, will my kids buy into the Star Wars universe? lets all be honest here, maybe.

We hope and pray that the reveal in the trailers of the Falcon and Han/Chewie being “home” is more than a fleeting rise of emotions ( dam that brought a tear to my eye) and hope the new story will be amazing and sweeping and just plain fun but what if it’s not? what is it is crap…..?

It’s barely worth thinking about for most fans but this may suck balls more than Attack of the Clones, it could be that bad that my kids will not buy into the galaxy far far away and if that happens star wars will die for this new generation of filmgoers with imagination to spare.  Liam gets The Clone Wars, he gets Ezra and Kanan, really got Vader when he showed up so he is halfway there. If this film bombs then he and millions of new fans will be lost. His defining film memory will be lost forever, god i hope its not, I want to bring a 6 year old full excitement into the cinema and watch his face light up in delight as the falcon flanked by x-wings takes down the empire, just writing that puts a lump in my throat.

I hope and pray this film is going to be amazing, I hope to get lost in it from the second the Fox logo and Lucasfilm logo appears, the John Williams score starts and the first scene is displayed. Please Please do not let this be crap… return me to a galaxy far far away and bring my kids for the ride…



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