Looking for sponsorship – Dublin Marathon 2016

Trying to decide if I should run the 2016 marathon in Dublin?

Ok so I decided to run the Dublin Marathon in Oct 2016 i need to have some motivation, I need to get off my backside and get out there running. I need a sponsor… I want to raise money for a worthwhile cause, problem is that I have a few charities I have a vested interest however iCAN – Irish Children’s Arthritis Network – is the charity i want to raise funds for, they are  providing awareness and support to families and parents who have kids suffering Juvenile Arthritis. It’s a new charity but it already supports so many and is in need of funds to keep it supporting so many more.  Given that Liam has JIA and that we have worked closely with iCAN in the past I want to support them again. It’s a current problem that affects us as a family everyday and this is my little bit to help them out and give a little back.

So what is needed – I suppose now that I have a chosen charity I need sponsors, that will come over time with lots of pushing, I do however want to know of any sportswear retailers in Ireland or sports wear manufacturers who want to sponsor me for trainers, training kit, sports tracking/training device & other misc equipment. I know there is plenty out there with a few quid going spare so if you want to sponsor a local person raising a few quid for a Irish Based home grown charity then give me a shout through the site.  Your help is needed to help raise funds for iCAN.

So as a company if you sponsor I will train in your gear aside from a green iCAN tshirt – I will post my training progress on a weekly/bi weekly basis and brand it to your company which will include branded tweets. You will be helping so many kids and their families by helping me train in order to raise funds through my marathon adventure.

 I so hope you can join me on this journey…..

Click the image below for my fundraising page – please share and if you can spare a couple of euro that would be amazing.



More on iCAN

iCAN is a parent-run network providing support, information and advocating for best care for those affected by Juvenile Arthritis. iCAN is 100% volunteer based and run by parents of children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). No one takes a Salary from iCAN – 100% funds by iCAN raised go towards making things better for kids with Arthritis in Ireland!

The object of ICAN is to provide a national support network for children with arthritis and their families through the provision of factual, practical and emotional support. It aims to pull together the wider community of affected children in Ireland as well as raise public awareness of childhood arthritis. It endeavours to ensure that all Irish children receive the minimum standard of medical care recommended for children with juvenile arthritis as set out by the World Health Organisation .



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