REVIEW *** AVG Ultimate 2015***

One of the software packs I have been sent to review is the new AVg Ultimate 2015 suite. Click Read More to see my  thoughts.

So in this day in age we are nearly open to the internet and all that it can do for us, thing is we can be hit several hundreds of times per day from malware, virus, spyware and all sorts of bad stuff. AVG Ultimate will help protect your devices  PC, Mac and Android  from all the badness out there. Still there is a lot to be said for common sense.

Above all else the best thing anyone can do is stay away from suspicious web sites, do not open mail or attachments you have no clue about and in general use common sense. Packs like AVG Ultimate will then back up your good sense and protect your PC, Mac and Android devices  and keep them running smooth as silk.

When you install the software you are presented with ZEN – a dashboard that will let you control the software and send emails to others you wish to protect. Once the other party receives the email and follows the instructions there own device is protected. I was surprised however that there was no iPhone option as that is my main driver at the moment. herself has a HTC One which is now protected and Dylan will get a Android phone this year so that will also be done.

I have two android tablets which i have included and that is the house pretty much covered, I like the peace of mind that the phones are protected as it all two easy for a novice to get hoodwinked and there phone is then infected. Dylan is just learning about scamming websites while he searches for his football boots and this has opened his little innocent eyes to the world of the bad side of the internet.

This program not only has a great anti-virus and is extremely easy to use it also allows as many installs as I want and covers my mobile devices too. Currently I have it installed on 5 computers 2 tablets and 2 mobiles,  I also really like that from any device I use I can see the status of my other devices and if they are current and protected. AVG Ultimate 2015  would be great for anyone with a multi device household  I can’t stress enough about the level of protection, the ease of installation, maintenance or the amount of devices and types it covers.

You get:

*AVG Internet Security 2015: our best virus, malware and spyware protection for Windows desktops, laptops or tablets gives you safer online shopping and banking and enhanced privacy features.

*AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android™: the first antivirus app to reach 100 million downloads on Google Play™ with advanced anti-theft features for added security.

*AVG AntiVirus for Mac®: with real-time scanning and triple protection against Mac, Android and PC malware.

*AVG PC TuneUp®: brings award-winning automated maintenance and performance fixes to your Windows PCs desktops, notebooks and tablets to help give them more speed, more disk space, less crashing, and longer battery life.

*AVG Cleaner™ for Android: frees up space on your phone and helps save your battery life with new customizable Battery Profiles.

*AVG Cleaner™ for Mac: helps keep your Mac clean of clutter with a powerful Disk Cleaner and an improved Duplicate Finder.

*AVG Zen Dashboard: remotely keep track of the protection, performance and privacy of all your devices quickly and easily from one place.

Do yourself a favour, if you have no PC/Mac/Android protection in your household buy AVG Ultimate today from Amazon click image below:-


Many Thanks to Jessica at BleatPR for supplying AVg ultimate for my review. 

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