So when does christmas begin for you?

What is it that triggers your brain to say “this is it, christmas is now here?

I was going to begin this by saying “since I have been an adult!” but to be fair I am not, I am a big kid when it comes to most things. So what I mean is since we have had our little family christmas begins at a certain time, I must admit as soon as we hit Oct 1st I myself am in christmas countdown mode, as its only a few weeks until Halloween, then xmas decorations start to be seen and then its December before we know it. However its still not the full on christmas family feeling.

It’s not when i start shopping early for a few gifts, It’s not seeing the lights on Grafton St, It’s not the christmas tree at the top of Grafton St (although this year to be fair it’s looking rather ropey with a set of single red lights, I mean come on would it not kill someone to mix it up a bit?) Nope the family get excited when we all go to the school bazaar at the kids primary school.

It’s a great little evening, we take a walk up the road as we live very close, see lots of parents and friends that are normally seen in the school yard at dropping off time in the morning. The kids all get excited to see Santa and there are plenty of stalls selling home made arts and crafts. There is the obligatory drinks stands but the best bit is the spin the wheel and raffle ( we never bloody win) but all funds going back to the school which is brilliant and are much needed.  From that evening it’s christmas, the decorations go up in the house on Friday evening the kids are now in xmas mode and it’s full on xmas.

The school bazaar takes place this thursday evening and the Liam is really looking forward to it, this will be Dylan’s first visit back since starting his secondary school so he is looking forward to seeing older teachers as the older boy. Me..cannot wait to pick up the xmas wine supply courtesy of a few raffle wins… this will be our year!


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