Wild Weekend Weather, Rabbits, X-Files, Football

What a weekend of mad weather, sunny, windy, stormy, rainy, sleet… just another day in Ireland

Well I hope you are all in full on prep mode for xmas, i see lots of houses around areas with their decorations up already, We aim for the 2nd weekend in December but have a great fun time with the whole family taking part while the xmas songs are on full blast and to end the evening we get in some pizza from Dominos. This weekend however was a bit nuts weather wise, Sat mum was working and i had a day at home with the boy, Dylan got stuck into his homework and studying for this week’s Xmas exams, Liam was taking it easy with his dad and in fact we watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”  a film that had him in fits of laughter.  to be fair i had not seen it in years and it is a very funny film and for the most part the effects stand up today. Dylan is now getting into The X-Files so we are starting at season one and will see how he gets on.

Sunday rolls around and the weather is awful, wind, rain, windyrain, cold, just plain rubbish and we had an away match kicking off at 11:15  against Raheny Utd. We turn up and thank god the rain stopped but how the game was played in extreme gusty wind was beyond belief.  The kids were destroyed trying to run into the wind and the breath was taking out of them whenever they tried. To be fair this team at Ratoath Harps are battlers and they rain out 5-1 winners so well done to all.

Now onto more Xmas planning, will try and get mum a surprise for xmas, boys need a couple extra presents and they are down. Mum clothes shopping this weekend in Kildare village, and me… Well I plan on using the PS4 and XBox One as physio on my broken hand. Lets see how it goes…


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