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I love watches, I am a complete nut job for a great watch, Smart watches are very much the order of the day at the moment however there is always room for something that screams style and the JORD dover does just that

Watches for me are possibly in danger due to the rise of the smart phone, Most people i know do not wear a watch as they tell the time with said phone. While convenient it’s a shame as watches can be amazing pieces of art. On my regular hunt around the internet looking for that something special i came across the JORD watch. The reason the JORD caught me eye was that although they have a set range of watches each and every one is unique, different from the last “how so?” i hear you ask, Well the primary construction component is wood.

JORD use Ebony, Koa, ZebraWood, Maple Wood, Sandlewood to name a few, each link and the main body is carved with amazing craftsmanship to produce something that can be handed down through families from generation to generation.

If you know about watches  or having a passing interest in style. this is something to behold, Go to wedding, function, dinner with friends and this will be a conversation starter. Networking with peers and this will break the ice. Its simply fast becoming a trend setter in the watch world.


The watch is a lot lighter than I had thought,when you discard the packaging from transit you see a bubble wrapped wooden box but made with high quality materials and great attention to detail. Slide open the top of the box which is engraved with a “J” monogram, you then are present with your watch (in my case it is the Dover series) wrapped around a small (in my case)grey tweed pillow with JORD stitched into it. I have shown this watch to a number of people in this state to gauge a reaction, some are watch lovers and others not so much. Everyone of them took a breath in when they saw the watch sat there smiling back at them with its inner workings naked for all to see. It is simply stunning piece or art and a real conversation piece as stated above.

I have worn the watch for a few days now and while getting used to a watch on my wrist agai n is odd you very quickly forget its there due to the feather light weight of the unit.

The movement is a Sea-Gull TY2807 which is +/- 3 sec daily and works on kinetic self winding system, It has a  sapphire crystal glass face with a deployment buckle with push buttons on the strap.

With the dover series there are 4 different colour combinations with a price of $289 or 189Stg/€270 approx.

If you are looking to get dad that christmas present that will last a lifetime and never go out of style doing so then pop on over to JORD at the link below and pick a watch for himself and if you are feeling flush pick mum up a version to.








Wooden Wristwatch

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