Charity Collections

Well this can be a touchy subject but I was out on Grafton Street and noticed Concern Worldwide collections taking place.


This as I said can be a touchy subject, but my own thoughts on the subject of street collections is as follows, concern seem to do it correctly. I must have walked up and down Grafton Street popping into various shops on the hunt for xmas bargains so many times that I lost track of the time of day. one thing i noticed however was a number of street collections for Concern worldwide in yellow bibs. They were all wrapped up looking very happy shaking a bucket and did not bother one single passer by, not a single shout, wave or obstruction took place.

Now on the flip side were some younger males selling little teddy bear pins who did call over to folks passing by which did not go down too well.  Given how big Concern Worldwide is it was pleasing to see such a professional approach. Folks also seemed glad of the non invasive approach and seem happier to drop a few coins into the buckets as they passed.

Did I drop a few euro in the bucket, yes i did as I know that 88.5% of all donations goes directly where it is needed most.

Well done Concern



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