10 Things a Gadget Dad Wants for Xmas

Pretty much the clue is in the title on this one, I have compiled a simply Top 10 gift guide for dad

Pretty simple really I thought i would list 10 things a Gadget loving dad might like for christmas while keeping within a modest budget. These gifts are from my own head so may or may not work but hopefully it will give you some direction for the kids present to dad or maybe from you his partner?

10) Lumsing Power Bank (LUM 008-01)



With an unbeatable price tag, a high-powered 10,400mAh battery and moderate weight of 8.35 ounces, the larger capacity Lumsing Power Bank (LUM 008-01) is debatably one of the best portable chargers on the market.

The sleek white eggshell color (which also comes in black and champagne gold) and ergonomic design is thick but smooth to the touch, with edges accented in a silvery finish. On its side, the device has two USB ports at 1A and 2.1A, and one Micro USB 5V input used to power up the device itself. Press the oval button on the LUM 008-01’s side, and four blue LED lights illuminate, each indicating 25% battery life.

We put the LUM 008-01 to the test by dual charging two different smartphones at the same time: our iPhone 4 at 70%, and our HTC One (M8) at 60% with the Spotify app running in the background.

The LUM 008-01 used 25% of its total charge, powering both phones to 100% with an average of two minutes and thirty seconds for each 1% recharge. When testing alone with our iPhone 4 at zero percent on standby, the LUM 008-01 used about 15 to 20% of its total energy and took an average of 51.5 seconds per one percent recharge.


9) Breaking Bad, The Complete Series Blu-Ray Set


Heralded as one of the best TV shows in recent memory (and maybe all time), the “Breaking Bad” complete series on Blu-Ray is a must-have. While the money barrel doesn’t store $11 million, it is packed with all six seasons, over fifty-five hours of special features including a two-hour documentary, a Pollos Hermanos apron, and an exclusive alternate ending for everyone’s favorite teacher-turned-kingpin, Walter White.

Pricey at around €200 but hours of entertainment – also think of getting a season every other month which will stretch the year?


8) Sony W800/S 20 MP Digital Camera


Voted best budget point and shoot camera its jammed packed full of features and retailers for around €80 online – Smaller than many smartphones, this lightweight, svelte and stylish camera easily tucks into a shirt pocket or purse. The Sony DSC-W800 comes with all the requirements for taking superior photos, including a 20-megapixel image sensor and a 5X zoom lens with optical image stabilization. The W800 also features 360-degree panorama capability; 720p HD video recording; five focus modes including face detection, and a variety of shooting modes, such as toy camera and vivid color. While lacking bells and whistles – no Wi-Fi, HDMI or high res viewscreen – the W800’s sheer simplicity makes it an incredibly easy and fun camera to use. Its low price and solid construction give it a boost over the competition.

7) Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette 60ml 


Make dad smell a little like Johnny Depp – treat for the Mammys also! – Check out Boots retail stores for around €70

6) Jawbone Mini Jambox


Small enough to fit into his pocket, the Mini Jambox still has a undeniably huge, clear sound . Not only can he bring the party with him anywhere he goes, it has a built-in speakerphone which can be used for conference calls when “calling in sick” and working from home. – Buy online from jawbone.com for around €180

5) Lifeproof iPhone case


These are brilliant if dad is the outdoors type, This will protect his phone from everything that life can throw at it and it just keeps going, buy online from various places for around €80 or higher dependant on phone and cover needed

4) XBox One Console – Pushing the boat out here…


So a console, yes its can be viewed as an expensive toy but here me out, my XBox One is now the primary media driver in the living room. this means that not only is it hooked up to the Tv but its connected to the Sky box and also the PC via a small home wifi network. This means i have full voice control on all sky tv activities but also can stream content from the home PC direct to the main TV.  So yes it plays games but it does so much more. It has just also been updated to play games from the older XBox 360 so if dad has this you can upgrade it for him. £299 from Argos UK for basic set.

3) Android Wear Smart Watch


If dad has an Android phone then youy might look at getting a Android Wear watch to go with it. Google’s smartwatch OS is an exciting hot-bed of wearable innovation, with updates constantly arriving offering likes of GPS, offline music and Wi-Fi connectivity. There are many choices now from around €150 to €1500 so choose wisely but chances are he will be over the  moon with one of these bad boys.

2) Cufflinks


A great pair of cufflinks says a lot about a man. Made of bright sterling silver with the famous T&Co inscribed on them; these will stand out in meetings, interviews, or on a dress-up date. They may even bring good luck. PricemFrom €10 upwards

1) Socks


You know I almost did not put this in but to be fair i got a fab set of Star Wars socks last xmas and I love them. Prices are cheap and will last all year long, perfect stocking filler.


Well that’s my random Top 10 gifts for Dad so hope it helps you all choose.




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