Anti Bullying Device now Fundraising – Tasukete

Fundraising Campaign Launched to manufacture a device that helps prevent bullying and domestic abuse.

Bluetooth device will connect to phone and send a emergency SMS to nominated contacts with location information.

(November 11th, 2015) – Darren Brooks has launched a campaign on the crowd funding site to raise money for the production of a special device that will alert nominated contacts if someone is being bullied or abused.

The campaign goal is to raise €10,000 to produce The Tasukete, a small wearable Bluetooth enabled device that will alert nominated contacts if the wearer is being bullied or suffering from domestic abuse. The product was inspired by seeing a gap in the market that will allow a victim of abuse call for help without the need to have the phone on hand or have to take it from a bag.

“I came up with this device after conversations with various people in the area of child abuse and bullying and that the current batch of applications deal with bullying after the fact and do not offer much in prevention. This was the driving force. Brooks explains.

Who will it help?

We foresee at this moment the following applications for the Tasukete:-

By using the device when the child being bullied knows something is going to happen they can activate the device and alert parents/teachers to their location and call for help.
Physical Attacks – Personal Robbery/Rape/Domestic Abuse etc…:
If the victim of domestic abuse is in a situation that means they cannot get to a their mobile handset, using the device they can alert nominated contacts to the situation and have someone call over to them ASAP to intervene.
Accident (in a car, in the home etc…):
If the person is in a car crash and there phone has been thrown around the car or they are trapped they can activate the device from a button on the dashboard. this will alert nominated contacts to the accident and the GPS location so emergency service can be contacted.
Elderly Assistance:
Where an elderly person takes a fall and is unable to reach a phone they can alert family and helpers to the situation quickly.
Medical Seizures (e.g. epilepsy):
If someone detects that a seizure is imminent and need help they can activate the device from the wrist band and alert nominated contacts with location information and an alert text.


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