Lazy Sunday, Christmas planning.

Xmas 2015 is around the corner and I am weeks behind in planning.

Due to slipping in September and tearing my UCL ligament in my right thumb this has put my self the the good lady wife behind in xmas planning.

So we packed up the kids and headed to nannys house today for the weekly weekend visit. No football for Dylan as he had a viral infection on Friday, so this is a rare all family outing. PS3 is on but dad is out with my injury, expected return is Xmas, kids loving the PlayStation though. We only allow PlayStation at weekends and ban it on the weekdays.

While we know what to buy, the buying of these items has been hampered greatly due to myself being laid up and the wife working her weekend shifts.

We need to get things moving now as we only have a few weeks to get what has been requested. We are lucky however as the kids are being good this year and are only looking for football kits, footballs and maybe a fusball table.

I have to be careful however as I am looking to also save for our lifetime trip to Australia in June 2016. That butter is creeping up and while on target it’s tough to save for this, Xmas and keep all normal bills up to date.

Think the hard work will be worth it though, bloody hope so.

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