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REVIEW – JML Dri Buddi – One year in – Good Buy or a Fire Risk???

This is a review of the JML Dri Buddi, Can it replace a standard dryer?

So we have had a Dri Buddi  for just under a year now and the idea was to purchase a drying system that was going to replace our  our condenser dryer and save us money at the same time while still drying the clothes in  an efficient way.

Having seen the Dri Buddi on various websites I decided to do a little bit of investigating and see what other  people say to it being a  viable way to save money  and dry clothes.   I purchased through littlewoods.ie  in October 2014 and it arrived in a few days.  In the box you get the following items drying motor, three legs, stand, Dri Buddi bag but no hangers,   I had to buy these items separately although you can purchase with hangers if memory serves..

The trick to using the Dri Buddi is simple,  firstly do not overload the Dri Buddi it can take only 15 items at the time so this means a little bit more washing during the week has to be done. The second thing to remember you cannot put sopping wet clothes into the Dri Buddi,  you need to rinse well in the washing machine.  If you follow these two Simple Rules you should be able to use the driver very efficiently in order to dry clothes within the drying cycle of two and a half to 3 hours.

I think it’s fair to say that for the first 11 months we’ve been using the driver is very well we’ve got into a new routine of washing and drying clothes and as such everything ok in the last month however things started to go  wrong. We noticed that the Dri Buddi stand was lop sided,  It looked like the legs were not sitting correctly. I had a look at this and it was not the case, what I did discover however was that at the top of the  main motor the plastic casing was melting which is not something you want to see when is pumping out a lot of heat. This caused the Dri Buddi to fall on day and it still remained on, this is a massive design flaw as i would think that an off switch based on a degree of tilt should be in built should the system fall like ours and others or be knocked over by kids or a dog lets say.

Needless to say we contacted Littlewoods in order to get a replacement and contacted JML to report the issue but I’ve heard nothing back. On searching the Internet for melting Dri Buddi  I have found numerous cases of the same thing so this does seem to be a design flaw and after usage it is prone to melting which means could it lead to a fire? serious risk indeed.

This seems to be a sporadic occurrence however but still concerning to say the least. See review on Amazon.co.uk here

The reply so far from JML? you did not buy from us, contact you retailer????   will update when i get more – So far JML have ignored my emails on this device melting, not great at all when various people reporting the same thing happens…

jml-dri-buddi-clothes-dryer 41gVhBvkH9L



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