Hand is on Fire

So the time is coming near and my stitches are coming out,  time to see how my wound is progressing.

As most of you know I had a recent fall and that has resulted in reconstruction operation for my UCL ligament. The pain that is felt postoperative is something that you’re not quite ready for, it really feels like my hand is on fire almost all the day. I’m having to keep my hand in an elevated position and as it is my right hand this means it doing normal everyday stuff it has become such a chore. The pain medication which is includes opiates difene and paracetamol make normal day-to-day life a little bit groggy to say the least so that’s the reason mainly for my being off work.

I am still out of work until at least mid November as I need to do occupational therapy on my hand to regain the grip from my thumb to my fingers. Hopefully all going well on Friday stitches come out and a new cast is applied that will be present for at least four weeks and will see how we get on.

One of the good things that I found is that while I thought I was going to be hampered in relation to the blog and getting articles out there I found I can use Google Docs on my iPad with dictation in order to get articles done quickly and efficiently another plus for Google.

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