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Wordsearch puzzle site aimed at girls is a winner

So I got a mail request recently to review the Pretty Puzzle Princess word-search game over here. While i had a while trying this on my iPad i had Dylan play a few games and also feedback his thoughts. In short the game is based on classic word-search designs with points awarded for each word found, bonus points also awarded for finding all words in the time limit.

When you arrive on site you are asked to choose between three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium & Hard, you are then asked to choose a level based on various categories including Fairy tales, Flowers, Hairstyles, Baking, music etc.. based to the level chosen the the time limit and word options change thus giving a good age range option from preschoolers to older pre teens.

Dylan being nearly 13 was very much conscious that the theme was very “girly” and this put him off a little, however the game mechanics he enjoyed. Liam though being 6 felt it was for both girls and boys and enjoyed the easy levels on Music & Nature. both enjoyed the game and it was a trying time to get the iPad back so I could play.

My own thoughts were that it this is geared towards girls but the game does not suffer for it, the main feature i found annoying was the ads but know theses are needed to keep the game free. To be honest the could be rejigged as a iPad app with both lite and paid option to become ad free.

As Liam is in his senior infant year this is heavy on reading and spelling so really interested him on this level as he is trying to soak it all up. For older kids it helps with bigger words but also sharpens the mind to seek out words and keep focus.

All in all a solid 4 out of 5 from the kids – point lost for ads



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