Spangler Science Club *REVIEW*

Weekend spent with an excited 6 year old wanting to learn science, what could go wrong?

As part of the reviews we have coming i am researching subscription box’s and one jumped out at me and that was the Spangler Science Club offering. This is a subscription box with a clear difference not only in terms of what was offered being tailored towards kids and the parents but also in the quality of everything included.

So what is the Spangler Science Club, Well The Spangler Science Club features the coolest hands-on science experiments and inquiry-based activities designed by Steve Spangler and his award-winning team of science educators. Each month you receive a box filled with the science tools and resources needed to conduct more than a dozen experiments and take-it-further challenges that combine the perfect mix of critical thinking, tinkering and fun.

There are different price entry points which range from $29.99 for monthly > $86.97 for rolling three month subscription or $299.88 for the 12 month sub offering. Each month you get a different set of themed experiments aimed at primary school aged kids which really engage and entertain young minds.


So moving onto the box i had to review which arrived in one piece from Denver,Colorado last week and really sent Liam into a spin. He called me on mum’s phone telling me the box of fun had arrived and could we do it tonight. Disappointment as i told him we needed to wait for the weekend, i might have well said we will not open the box for 67 years, however wait he did and true to form Saturday morning he awoke and like most days he had a massive smile on his face and the first words “Are we doing the science box today daddy?”

So i drag myself from the bed at 7am.. and tell him we need to wait just a little bit but it will be soon. Then the big moment arrives, i swear it was like xmas with his excitement levels going through the roof.  We open the box and are presented with a  and jam packed package that gave us a good few hours of fun.






One of the booklets was marked Top Secret which when played up to Liam this was only for dad and he could not look at it, however the rest of the contents were open season for him. All documentation was clearly written and designed with ease of use in mind, everything was so easy to follow, Included in the box we received was the following:-

  • Instruction booklet detailing the experiments
  • Top secret companion booklet for mums/dads to follow
  • Empty bottle 1ltr
  • 3 test tubes
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Small bag polystyrene beads
  • electrical tube (wired with LEDs and batteries) ready to use
  • test tube holder
  • caps for test tubes
  • red and black electrical probes

While i will review the box itself i won’t reveal to much about the experiments as it may take the fun away from your own exploration when you receive it 

So onto the first experiment about static electricity, we needed to empty the bag of small beads into the bottle and see how they interact when we follow the guides.


Great fun was had as Dad and Liam dropped the bag of beads and let them fly all over the place, after a few mins spent trying to pick them up and get them back in the bottle we got on with blowing up balloons rubbing them on our hair and making the beads jump around like mexican jumping beans.. He was fascinated how this worked and i was able to tell him with the help of the companion booklet.  To be honest while he was excited i could see this did not blow his mind so onto the the next experiment..

The Energy Tube came pre wired and with batteries so nothing to do here although o on/off switch which foxed Liam for a few mins while he tried to get it to turn on. Then he held it at both ends and completed the circuit and BINGO, lights and sound and he jumped, but could not figure it out, they was mesmerized when we held hands and it worked again. This was magic, it blew his little mind how we as people could make this work. When we progressed the experiment to include his brother and mum he was just amazed.  Then next came the probes, We took about 30 mins going around the house trying to see what conducts electricity. He was captured at this point.

We took this a stage further and introduced water as a conductor and then, milk, OJ, tomato sauce, mayo, oil etc… Again he was really engaged at this point and we completed the questions in the book and got into some real learning.





With everything included in the box the best thing was that it allowed real learning with real world items, It really engaged his mind and he really learned about different basic elements of electricity. We had a ton of fun and it was a cool bonding experience for the both of us. Best of all he got a certificate of completion that is on his bedroom wall and very proud he is too..

How do I know it made an impact? The following day when he was at his nanny’s the first thing he did was tell them about all the different experiments he was able to do and what he learned.

All in all a solid 4.5 from 5 for the guys in Spangler – Brilliant as Liam said

Is it worth nearly $300 per year? first thoughts was wow that’s expensive, However having used it my opinion is now that it’s well worth it. $24 a month for a box of fun that you can have with the kids and something that actually helps them learn and get a step up i school is well worth it. I know that Liam’s school do not do science at this stage so if if used this for a year or so he would be well ahead of most kids going into secondary school. Well worth the investment, yes i really see this as an investment in my kids future and learnings.

To get your own Steve Spangler Science box for kids click here or the logo below



Thanks to the guys over at Steve Spangler Science for supplying the review box.

If you have subscription box and would like me to review please contact me at




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