A first visit to the Aviva Stadium and a massive first win

Liam got a taste of the big match atmosphere with a visit last night to the Aviva Stadium to see Ireland vs Germany

So Using the ticket i got from Three for a previous cock up i took the family to the big match last night at the Aviva Stadium, Ireland vs. Germany. As Dylan is just football mad Liam is not far behind at this stage and the wife is a loon for football it was an easy night we could all get into.

When we arrived into the Premium area and then access to The Dugout and Players Lounge, Free drink and nibbles and a chance for the boys to meet some players new and old. they were more interested in seeing the warm ups however so off we went to find our seat.

Amazing on the half way line and good height to see the action and a great set of fans around with no issues at all. Bonus was a win which really made Liams night as the goal was scored just when he was getting sleepy and that kept him going until we got back to the car.

All tired but happy we headed home, only downer was being up since 5 and herself up early we were both wrecked and had crossed wires in the car due to directions. Still everyone was happy out and straight to bed.

Video of final whistle below.

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