Sucks to get a first fracture..

So i got to 41 without ever getting a fracture. kinda sucks now..

So i have like most of you a number of injury’s over the years but i always escaped a break or fracture, until two weeks ago.

In short i was at a final football match and at half time went to get a bite to eat, i went down the stairs and from the dry into the wet and went on my backside. Hand went out and in short my thumb and fingers did then splits. Sore was not the word, still i would have laughed if i saw myself take a tumble. Pride dented i went back to the wife minus food and a swollen hand.

After a quick chat with a steward and first aider it was a sprain. However two weeks later still sore and getting worse. Into the local walk-in for assessment in seconds she spurts out its a fracture, off to hospital for xray in the morning.

So i am all strapped and face surgery as i ripped the ligaments if it does not heal correctly 50/50 chance here. Due to this my postings may be less frequent as it my right hand that’s crook and its a killer to type.

Good news however, i am close to another give away going live and some more reviews are on the way.

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