Teenage Hugs..Yes I am surprised

Ok so Dylan is not quite a teenager however he is not far away..

which means he sometimes has mad moods and voice is starting to break with the multitude of changes he is going through. As a parent it’s sometimes hard to see your little boy turn into a young man, he is no longer the baby and is starting to find his own way. Starting a new school was massive and the same month into a new football team, couple that with new lessons, teachers, subjects, a different way of working and there is huge pressure on hi, or any kid going through the same. I feel sorry for the kids who bus it everyday from the village where i live into Dublin City. It’s a long day and only a few months back they were babies in primary school being protected in so many ways.

One thing I noted was Dylan suddenly wanted a hug the other evening. Just sitting watching a football match and hopped over to me and wanted a hug, strange as it was as he had not done this for maybe over a year he did it again a couple nights later.

Maybe he wanted a little reassurance as he was feeling the pressure of it all or maybe he was tired, whatever it was it still nice to get a hug from your kid whatever age they are.

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