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2 day strategy meetings – ever feel like a fraud….

The last two day i have spent in a room of truly amazing fundraisers of which I am not one!

So we are going into a new 5 year strategy where I work and this is an exciting time. This marks a turning point and a chance to do something different and raise more funds to help people in dire situations. The last 2 days I was locked in a room with 16 or so of the best fundraisers in this sector and people that do amazing work for the company, problem is I am not one of them.

While the last 2 days was fun and a massive learning experience in one aspect it was so heavily skewed as a fundraising strategy that it left me a little bewildered as it’s not what i do. My role is in operations myself or more my teams facilitate the fundraising programs.  We make sure that the back end systems are robust and can delivery when called upon. I do not in any way shape or form get into marketing, programs, journeys or anything else in that sphere of the sector. That’s OK, I don’t mind it, it’s not what I am comfortable with or what I want to do as a career.

WIth the above in mind the last two days felt so disjointed from my point of view that I truly felt like a fraud as I could contribute nothing  meaningful to the discussions. A very strange feeling, If the meeting was based on operations, back end admin, streamlining process and procedure then that’s my bag.  As it was aside from refreshing what I already knew in that I work with truly world class fundraisers I felt wasted..


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