What to do when you get a new job offer?

Every so often i get a call about a new job. I am not looking but to be honest it’s always nice to be noticedEach time i notice the views on my linkedin page go up about a week before someone makes contact with me. Sometimes it’s a calls or email and others it’s a message via LinkedIn. Like Liam Neeson in Taken I have a particular set of skills and am bloody good at my job.

It’s fair to say i have honed my skills over many years working in the customer service sector, I had in a previous life become an IT Administrator just to see if I could do it and using my IT skills and customer service acumen I became a manager for service and support  teams. My goal is the delivery of quality customer service and support on all levels across all channels. I hate it when a company fails in customer service and fails to innovate their delivery methods.

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As i have worked for a number of high profile companies I am in a unique position of being head hunted from time to time.  Not to lead companies and become a CEO or anything, that’s not for me but when a company is looking to change and improve customer service delivery and change management i tend to get a call. It also helps that Ireland is small so making a good name for yourself is quite easy, however screw up and every one knows about it.

Recently i got a call to work from a new energy company, customer support and ops manager reporting to the director.  It’s a good company new progressive and the conversation went well. I am waiting for the package and offer to arrive and it’s mine if i want it, So do I want to change?

Currently I have a brilliant job, it’s amazing and while I am up at 5am every day i really don’t mind. It’s my choice I choose to be up that early and get into the office in order to leave early. The team i manage are brilliant and committed the environment is just incredible and what’s more my work makes a difference to many thousands of people around the world, a real difference. We help people in over 20 countries survive the worst that life serves up. so there is a great feeling when you see what you do making a difference to others.

So why leave…. at some point the money becomes a factor – i have a family and need to pay the bills, is it time to jump ship for the dollar?  no idea yet, let’s see the whole package and see what happens.

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