reCAP Explore – Kickstarter Project with a twist…

Every now and again a project comes along that you can do with the kids, Something that gets them excited about nature an away from the gadgets that occupy their minds most days, Welcome to the reCAP Explore…

The idea behind the reCAP Explore is to allow kids to get close to little bugs and critters such as caterpillars, ladybugs, ants, dragonfly’s,  fireflys etc… Attach the Explore to any standard jar with  a crew fit and find a bug, flip the lid and get an up close look to see what it really looks like, release the bug when done and go find another. A great addition to taking on a picnic to the woods to see what is around.

Have a look at the details below and when the Kickstarter is live we will post a direct link.

The reCAP EXPLORE will fit any Regular-Mouth standard Mason jar (including many 16 oz. plastic peanut butter jars such as Justin’s).  This allows you flexibility as a parent to choose a glass jar that perhaps has been passed down through the years, or recycle a plastic jar.  It screws on easily (even for smaller hands), and once a critter is found, the little explorer flips it open to catch, closes it, and looks through the breathable magnifier.  After getting a good look, flip the cap open again to release and keep on exploring.  “Catch me, watch me, let me gooo!”


Support on KickStarter by clicking the link belowkickstarter-logo

In addition to the Explore reCAP also have the reCAP FLIP – a slightly different take on the Explore in that you attach to a jar in order to reuse and repurpose the contents. We shall be getting a reCAP Flip in due course and will review as soon as we can.


To have a look for more on the reCAP Flip head on over to the site by clicking here

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