First note home from school in 9 years

Well it had to happen at sometime and yesterday Dylan got a little note home for poor behaviour

On my way from work yesterday i called into GameStop in Stephens Green and was looking to ask about the early sale of Fifa16 – they opened the store at 10pm and while that was ok the game was not on sale until midnight? not a hope in hell was i waiting for two hours to pick up a game for kids. So a quick call to the house to let good lady B know the story i noted the hushed tones.

“Dylan is unhappy and due to getting a note home” was the information coming down the line. so on hopped Dylan all sorry for himself, apologising and very very upset.. What did he do i wondered to myself, “Dad I am really sorry i was laughing at a joke with friends and teacher caught us….” to be honest this is nothing and I am not bothered in the slightest.  However having never getting a note back from school ever, always top of the class and always on the ball he was shocked to get this. Different school and different rules kid, The was a first taste of ” your not in Kansas anymore, this is big school so pay attention” I just told him to take the wrap on the knuckles and learn from it.

I have no doubt he will never put himself in that position again. he hates being in trouble, on the plus side his Maths exam was a stellar 80% and Science was 94% – brilliant and more to come i think.

The knock on effect from the above note however was interesting. It put him ion a bad mood for the evening, fell out with mum for having a little attitude and  not looking after his little brother. then on the way to football he was again feeling sorry for himself. I just told him to cop onto himself drop the attitude and concentrate on football as he was at training now.

To his credit training went well and he came back a different kid – although he has some way to go to make up with mum again….

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