The Bucket List…

Everyone knows what a bucket list is – for those that might not its a list of stuff to do or see before you kick the bucket (die, not to be blunt) 

Myself and Mrs DoaWD decided a few years back to put a list together most of the below:-

  • UEFA champions League final
  • FIFA World cup Group game and then onto final
  • Monaco GP
  • Oktoberfest
  • Visit Australia
  • All Ireland GAA Football Final
  • FA Cup Final
  • Liverpool vs Man Utd match in both Anfield and then Old Trafford
  • Visit India during Holi festival

There are a few more but as you can see most are sport related.  Yesterday we got to the All Ireland GAA Football Final and had a blast.

We were given a call on Friday to ask if we were interested in going as someone had a couple of tickets going and we jumped at the chance. One of the things we are trying to live by is “Memories over Money” Money is great in the bank but we want memories and stuff to look back on and just say “we were there” we went to that final or that place or that race.

Yesterday was brilliant, rained from the time we got off the bus in Fairview – Walked over to the ground as time was tight so no time for a sneaky pint. By the time we took our seat it was 20 mins before Throw In and it was now lashing down. , but we were under cover so all was good for us and it was quite warm.

The match was strange as no one team could hold onto the ball so that brought in a tense feeling to the whole affair. Dublin ran out 3 point winners and that was all we needed. Our first Final and we got a win. Now if the kids were not in school or the final was on a Saturday we would have headed out for the night but we are parents and kids come first so home we went and grab a chipper with batter burger for tea.

Below are a couple of vids and photos of the day.. #UPTHEDUBS







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