Star Wars Scenes Are 3D Paper Sculptures

Star Wars is a massive industry but more than that its was my childhood. Amazing adventures I would get lost in daily, now we have 3D paper sculptures to bring back the days of yore.

So when i was a kid in school i lived close enough to go home daily and get my lunch. On arriving and making a sandwich or two i sat down and played the VHS of which ever Star Wars film was in the VHS player. Each day i would get in around 20mins of viewing before i headed back to school.

Now i can just manage a sitting once every few months, Trying to get the kids into Star Wars is even harder, Dylan – no chance, just not buying it, Liam however is and with Star Wars Rebels on TV he is just the right age. So with the Force Awakens on the very near horizon we have new Star Wars merchandise coming out nearly weekly.

So onto the 3d Paper Sculptures from HobbyLink in Japan we have scenes from the original trilogy up for grabs. These are amazing pieces of art and as you can see below are very intricate and unique. Pop on over with the link below for a closer look and order your set.

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