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Evening everyone, as I try and improve the site i thought of adding a new service, Email alerts

Its all very simple really, you see in this post below the text i a simple form to add you email address to. Once done you get a confirmation email and thats it, anytime I post a new blog onto the site you get a little email into your inbox to let you know. All you do is click on the link and drop on over to read it in full.

Really hope you like it and sign up so you can enjoy reading more about being a modern dad in Ireland today. I just want to add a little thank you to the visitors so far and over the last few weeks the numbers have grown and I hope to see many more in the coming weeks and months ahead.




The Working Dad

The Working Dad

The Working Dad is a regular guy called Darren, Working as a senior manager for a leading NGO I have two kids and happily married. This is my blog about the life and times of being a dad today..
The Working Dad

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