Three+ = no prizes for a winner!

So we won two tickets to the Ireland vs Georgia match that took place in the Aviva recently….. but did not get to go…..

So what happened I hear you cry… Well the story is this. I downloaded the new 3+ app on my iPhone 6. All is good and used it a few times to gain discounts etc on a few purchases in sports stores. I noticed that there was a competitions page and thought why not enter these giveaways, not going to hurt anyone and you never know.

Well after a few months using it about a week before the Ireland vs. Georgia game I get a call from a rep on the 3+ team “Congrats Mr Working Dad you have won two tickets to the Ireland vs. Georgia game. Stay tuned for an email explaining how to collect them, it will take a few days though so keep an eye out for it.”

So keep an eye i did, I l also told my soccer mad son the good news that we could go to the game. He was beside himself to go again to the Aviva and see his home country play in a Euro qualifier.

NOT the case though. wait as we did the tickets did not come. I had no way of getting someone to send them onto me and thus he missed out on seeing Ireland play.  The following day I raise a complaint through – NOTHING – not a call or email. I goto and contact the reps here. Still nothing.

Seems no one is bothered that we or more to the point my kid missed out on a match… for me the issue is simple. Customer Service and delivery of a promise. I very much hold companies account for both good and bad customer service. Its my passion and more to the job my job, and I believe that everyone should demand and expect the very best. After spending 4 years with Three as a customer and recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 at great cost the least I expect is good service and follow through. Well Three you have let me down… will be reconsidering my next phone contract with you after this.

If in my position I allowed my team to act in this way I would find myself being severely reprimanded by the director and would be fearful of my job as my customer base would be shrinking. The hardest thing in business is new customer pick up. Harder still customer retention…… keep who you have, Three just failed. three phones in the family and now two will be moving on with a third at the end of the current contract.


Looks like Three.ei were listening and have looked into the cock up. To be fair i have since this post had constant contact and have been offered replacement two tickets on the Premium level for the Ireland vs. Germany game. Thanks Three and hope i get them this time.


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