Teenage years are starting…. ooooohhh crap

Ok so Dylan is nearly 13 and my god if this year is anything to go by we are in for a testing time,

Ok so Dylan is a happy go lucky kid, always has manners, never in his time in primary school did we get so much as a call or text in relation to him in any aspect. We have taught him manners are important and to use them always. Hi has produced great work and has a good work ethic which he gets from both mum and dad. He plays sports, loves football and wants to play football as a pro (as do most kids) We limit his time on the PS4 with only Friday evening, Sat, and Sunday (cut off a 8pm) allowed as we feel school work is the focus during the week and sure just get out and move rather than rotting in front of Fifa15 all day long.

So now we move to now, he is in secondary school, homework is starting and all of a sudden a few new manners are starting to suffice, manners that we are not liking too much and already caused a few clashes. So firstly the school, brand new based in the village and amazing. We chose this school as the local community school did not have the focus we wanted, We also noted that they let kids out for lunch to wander the village and seem to focus on only kids who excel academically and if you slip between the cracks you’re gone.  We also spoke to a couple of parents who have kids there already and are being bullied by bigger 5th and 6th year students.

The new school has only 2nd year students and now Dylan’s year as the 2nd year of incoming students. on top of this was the number 72 split into 3 classes so very focused. Then we move onto the way they teach, they focus as much on social aspect as the academic side, also its iPad based so progressive in its approach.

Dylan has settled in well, making new friends and seeing a few old faces from the primary school. He is picking up a few things however that we are struggling to deal with small attitude adjustments, he is a bit more grumpy all of a sudden, must be the hormones flowing through him like the force.  I am reminded of the video below:-

He thankfully is not as bad, yet, but if we don’t keep a lid on things he will start to stray and this is the challenge, we as parents have no handbook and to be honest I let him know this, we make this stuff up as we go along. What we think is best for him is what we do. Every kid is different however we do keep on top of the manners and make sure he conducts himself in a manner that is becoming of a young man.

He is well respected among his teammates and school friends and we damn sure make sure he is not walking around the village with a hood up and causing stress to others that live local. I suppose the good thing is that we don’t live in a city so if something was to happen it would come back to us and we would act on it but we don’t even let it get that far. We have him occupied with different clubs and have him football training twice weekly so he cannot be bored and cause trouble.

Our teenage years are just starting and I hope and pray we get off lightly with Dylan… too be honest its Liam that scares me, he is going to be another kettle of fish altogether.



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