Now on Facebook and Twitter…..

Well it took a little while but i found the time to put Diary of a Working Dad on Facebook.

The Diary of a Working Dad is only small and as such it takes a little time for me to get around to things. That being said we are on Twitter and are doing ok, steadily building a following. Now we are live on Facebook and starting from a base of zero followers.

Help us along by sharing and liking the page and passing onto friends etc.. hope you find it interesting and every so often we will have a giveaway or two to keep you coming back and open us up to new followers. Click the below to take you to our new channels and many thanks for helping the site so far..



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The Working Dad

The Working Dad

The Working Dad is a regular guy called Darren, Working as a senior manager for a leading NGO I have two kids and happily married. This is my blog about the life and times of being a dad today..
The Working Dad

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