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Anam Cara Launches Powerful Video Resources For Bereaved Parents and Families

Anam Cara, the Irish charity that provides support services to bereaved parents and families, today launches a suite of powerful videos that aim to support newly bereaved parents and offer a sense of hope at the start of their tough and difficult journey. Each video brings the voices of bereaved parents to newly bereaved parents as they discuss the experience of losing a child and how they learned to cope.

There are five videos in the suite – The Death of a Child, The Grieving Family, A Dad’s Grief, Sudden and Traumatic Death and About Anam Cara – that include interviews with bereaved parents who share their experiences and offer advice on surviving the intense grief after the death of their child. The final video in the suite, About Anam Cara, introduces the Anam Cara team and explores the support services that it provides to parents and families who are managing bereavement every day. The videos can be accessed from Anam Cara’s YouTube Channel.

Sharon Vard, CEO, Anam Cara, said: “It is so important to ensure that any parent who is suffering the terrible and unimaginable ordeal of losing a child knows that Anam Cara is here to help. The videos are a powerful resource to any family experiencing the sudden death of a child. They aim to reassure parents that they will, one day, learn to cope with the overwhelming sense of loss and desperation that is associated with the passing of a child. Newly bereaved parents and families need the support of those who have suffered a similar experience and learned to cope again, they need reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that they too will be able to emerge from the depths of despair and start living and enjoying life again.”

Anam Cara is a national voluntary support organisation set up by bereaved parents to support newly bereaved parents throughout Ireland. The organisation does not receive any State funding. For more information on its services please visit www.anamcara.ie or call its information line 085 2888 888. Larger donations can be made via http://anamcara.ie/donate/

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