Cutting the grass, baking with the kids = great weekend

So the weekend rolled around again and i had a list of things to do…. let’s see how that went

First on the list, Cut the grass in the back garden…. Yeah good luck with that one, it was raining and as such the grass was too wet…….. and I had a hellish sore back still  that is pushed into next week. Will hire a couple of guides with machetes to give me a hand though so all’s good here. Now onto the baking, Dylan had a homework assignment this weekend, bake a cake but video it on your iPad. He decided to cook a biscuit cake. When i say cook we melted most of the ingredients and threw it in the fridge but the outcome was still tasty. In order to help i did the video part while i guided him on the cooking aspect. Instead of one long take which would not work for practical reasons we broke it down into segments and even had outtakes between the cooking. To be honest this was great fun for us both. We had a laugh, got the outcome expected on all fronts and just had a cool time together.

Next up was football, Early up Sunday morning for a 8:30 meet in the next village over with a 10am kickoff in Drogheda , Boyne Rovers was the team we faced and what a game, They raced into a 2-0 lead with a penalty helping them along the way. We battled back with Dylan pushing a through ball for a goal back and they struck again to go 3-1 up. Halftime came and we really had the lion share for the last ten mins of the first half pushing them back but not getting a goal.

2nd half kicked off and we stepped up to grab a second 3-2 and we battled hard for a last min goal to draw the game. In all fairness the draw was the right result. if we had won i would have really felt for Boyne who were great opposition. The one thing i have noticed in the games played so far is how pleasant people are. in the DDSL league there is an undercurrent of ill feeling and tempers run over. So far in the NDSL games parents are well behaved and everyone respects the ref.

So after footy we headed back to the homestead, picked up the good lady wife and little man and head over to Nannys house for a fun afternoon. Myself and herself in a good place with lots of playful flirting makes for a great day. Only question in my head was I wonder how long i can get away not mowing the grass?????

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