Someone made my little boy cry……..

Hi all, so another day and more work to get on with, however i am unhappy that someone made my little boy cry..ggrrrrr

So the story is as follows, I took Dylan to his football training recently and Liam also wanted to tag along. As it was light still and dry I decided why not. He is loving the goalkeeping at the moment and wanted to bring the gloves so we all hop into the car and head to training. Liam found a couple of kids and decided to play with the. Keeping a close eye i noted one being quite the bully towards Liam and I just made sure he was fine but not interfering. After they finished Liam sat quietly watching his big brother. When i asked him was he happy he started to cry, you know the big tears that fill a bucket, well these were they. It turns out the little tykes ran off with his gloves and we failed to notice. To say he was heart broken was an understatement.

You see these gloves were bought to celebrate a minor win against his arthritis and that he can now train at the local football club in the academy, it was such a personal triumph to him and he sobbed. So I just nipped and and picked up a set of gloves and new shin guards to make up for it.

Cannot wait to see his face when i show him later tonight.  😉


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