Bad backs and lots to do, I get cranky when tired……

So i have had a bad back for weeks, really need to get to the doc at this point but between work and family life it can wait. Mrs DofaWD however is a different matter. She is our family glue, she holds us together so she takes priority all the time.

A few days ago the good lady wife started getting some back pain and this has just kept going getting worse over this week. There is nothing worse than seeing my wife in pain and knowing there is little i can do to help, so the little i can do I get on with. Yesterday was a frustrating day and while I seem on the outside to get annoyed I am more focused on getting things done. The day started at 5am as normal, wake up, get ready for the bus at 6am, get the kids lunches ready, iron uniforms, get the table sorted for breakfast. I do this each morning to give herself as little to do as possible apart from wake the boys and get them out the door.  During the day I converse with Jodi and her back is playing up badly so I try and advise her to rest, She however wants to get the hoovering done and wash the floors… WTF like….. JUST REST………gggrrrrrrrrrr

I am the sort of person that if you are in pain rest. sod the housework  I can do in when i get home. She insist and I become more frustrated that she could be making things worse for her back. I tell her to leave the dinner i will do it when in… I get home and she starts it but thankfully leaves it to me to finish. So I finish the dinner off and serve up, we all eat and then I clean the kitchen and get Liam ready for soccer academy at 6:30pm. We spend an hour down here and I get roped into doing parent registrations for the club to help them out. 7:30. I get a parent approach me after the last game and ask if Liam is my kid? I say he is and he says he is the best keeper he has seen in ages, happy days…. puts a big smile on my face.

Now a quick dash home, throw him into a bath and get him ready for bed, quick peck on the cheek for Jodi and back out again to pay Dylan’s registration fees at his new club, These needed to be done or he can not play at all this season. now approaching 8:30 and i still have not sat down and to be honest I am now getting a little frazzled, tired & cranky.

It shows as I am not relaxed when i do sit down, Jodi gets annoyed thinking I am annoyed with her for having a bad back, 100% not the case, I am just knackered – Like some or not like some when I get tired I can get a little cranky buts its not at anyone it’s just a general crankiness. So i do the decent thing, get Jodi a hot water bottle for her back and I head to bed. Normally I last an hour or so before i sleep but last night i just flaked out.

Hopefully her back is not as bad today, but god dam I was shot when the alarm went off at 5 this morning. today i am spent, soooo tired so pumping the coffee into me (as seen by my sooo cool Darth Vader giant mug below).

Lessons to learn, Try not to show crankiness when tired – good luck with that…………..


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