Every cloud has a sliver lining…..

What a weekend we had, let’s hop back to Friday and Dylan’s first day of secondary school..

So Dylan has started his secondary school, mixed emotions all round as its mad seeing him grow up so fast and seems only yesterday we walked him into Junior Infants for the first time. He was both excited and nervous like many but once he spotted some friends from his previous school he was fine. Friday was the first day he had some homework set, this is when the fun begins.  Dylan would do his homework in the kitchen/dining room when he is back in from school, being that not all schools are back yet a friend called for him and he wanted to head out, nope homework first kiddo.

Now he did it but it was not good, in fact a further two attempts were also poor. Friction started and both mum and dylan were now clashing, Jodi is brilliant at making sure all homework is good and neat. Dylan like any kid can get annoyed when challenged but the end result was still poor and when i got in from work things were tense.  Now i review the said work and agree with Jodi that Dylan can do much better, however I don’t address this straight away. We have something to eat and get him to Football practise.

I play the silent disappointed card on this one (taking a leaf from Jodi’s book) and it really worked as on the way home the homework subject came up. After a 5 min talk he agreed that on Saturday morning he will get up early and redo the work to the standards expected, all is good now. We get home, he has a shower and then heads to bed early to listen to some music on the ipod, or so i thought.  I went to check on him and he is not in bed, I go into Jodi and not with her…… I find him in the kitchen homework out redoing the whole lot and it was brilliant, neat, tidy and much more thought. Excellent and the weekend is now back on, he also agreed that he previous efforts were poor and we are back to a happy house again.

The Anniversary dinner –
So we get to Saturday and I decide to bring Jodi out for our 9th Anniversary – The Cinnamon Garden in the local village is the venue of choice however while we are looking for a nice couples night out we get word that Dylan has a early Sunday morning match which means we have to be up early and we need to change our plans… not ideal and we keep hoping the match is called off. The match is on and we call it a night early to ensure we are up to get the lad to football. To be honest its a selfish outlook as we take the kids to nannys house for the night and it means we have to be up early, in any case Sunday morning arrives and over to nanny’s, back home and ready to rock and roll before 10am.

Sunday comes and after a brilliant night with the wife we are looking forward to a good day as Dublin are playing Mayo in the All Ireland Semi Finals – try as i might tickets were like gold dust and no where to be found. still we are up and Dylan plays his match, they lost but it was a first run out and lots of lessons so nothing to worry about too much. I hear on the radio (98FM) that you can win tickets for the Dublin-Mayo match if you text in now… so I did… Turns out i won so i had to motor into Dublin, pick up the tickets, back to the lads match, then back over to nanny’s, quick turn around and back out the door with my two sisters-in-law and wife off to the match… Result..

Where was the silver lining….~? Well if Dylan’s match was called off we would not have been up early to listen to the radio and win tickets to the biggest Semi final for years, so all in all it was a good weekend apart from the results.

  • Liverpool LOST
  • Man Utd LOST
  • Dublin Vs. Mayo – DRAW
  • Chelsea LOST
  • Man City – Win

Crazy mad weekend but great fun had all round…..

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