Getting ready for Xmas….

Its the dirty word most of us do not want to hear this time of year but I am now planning for Xmas 2015…

Lets face it, Summer 2015 was a wash out, it did not take off at all and given we had a “staycation” in Ireland this year better weather was really needed. Saying that on one of the very few evenings of sun we had both myself and Mrs DoaWD were having a glass of wine and I brought up the subject of xmas and what to get the boys. That prompted a barrage of responses most of which I cannot type here, suffice to say it did not go down well and I was reminded that we had not even finished our mini staycation or wedding event in August.

My outlook and the Mrs is different, mine is to plan as far ahead as i can, her’s is to not plan as far ahead as we can, as we discussed i pointed out how quickly the year would pass.

  1. Wedding event late August
  2. Kids back to School
  3. Following week our own wedding anniversary (9 years)
  4. 4 weeks later Mrs DoaWD birthday
  5. 3 weeks later Halloween
  6. Mid term break
  7. November is quite at the mo but Xmas around the corner

Also there is now only 4 real pay days left until the big man arrives with a sackful of toys and gifts. So with that said I am now planning for the big day. We are staying home this year for only the 2nd time in 12 years so will save a few quid for the big Oz holiday in 2016 but presents will be not as extravagant due to the same to which as a family we are all agreed is the priority.

So the question is who else is planning for xmas? #startshoppingearly

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