Back to life, Back to reality

Like all good things the vacation has come to an end, Why is it that it always seems like 5 mins ago I was sat in my office replying to emails and looking into KPI stats for the teams. 

Still it is always better when you go back to a job that you love and working with people that make a real difference and not just work to produce a bottom line figure for the accountants. Up at 5:20 this morning and was dreading that alarm going off. Still no point in fighting it so was up and ready to go for 6 when the bus arrives, quick snooze on the way into the office and arrived for 6:40.

New back rest arrived while i was away to help with my lower back pain, muscle and kidney stones playing havoc so hoping this helps.  No down to the planning of the 2016 big vacation in Australia. Need to pop into HR to get 4 weeks off in July and then across to the travel agent in order to sort flights and get a deposit sorted.

Have the wedding anniversary next week (note to self get wife a gift sharpish!), Both boys are back to school in the next few days, Football training starts again this week….. nothing like getting back into the swing of things with a bang.

Still got a couple nice pics with Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher at a Summer Soccer Camp last week.

Liverpool FC Legend Jamie Carragher with myself and Dylan



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