The wedding is over, coming down again….

So the confetti dropped, the bride looked amazing as did her bridesmaids and the groom scrubbed up well. So now what? the blues….

Well not so much for me, I did the photography for the day and it turned out quite well if I do say so. Mrs DoaWD (Diary of a Working Dad) has been run of her feet for days, I would say for 10 days straight we barley saw Mrs DoaWD and her phone was ringing of the hook. Places to be, people to look after, things to book. Wednesday and Thursday were fun, Make up trial for the bride, turned into a nightmare ( we will not mention the person here) she insulted my sister in law and did not even apologies when i called on Thursday morning to cancel a full 3 days worth of treatments and business. No comeback, no trying to make it right, what it did mean was Mrs DoaWD was up to here trying to sort out everything in a few hours – stressed did not even come close, but we got there.

Come the wedding day the after effects of the whole make up issue was still in full throw but we got to the main event, Bide was in great form and Groom was in fine fettle. The reception kicks in and we head to bed around 5am. Quite day Sunday and back home Monday but that’s when it kicks in. The last week or so of being so busy you could not sit still for 5 mins was gone. Now nothing, a big hole in the day, phones are quite, no SMS chimes, no emails, no mad bridal parties, hens, stags to sort. everything returning to normal is double quick time….

What did we learn, The Mrs and I are closer than ever, loved up by the event, our new Aussie friends are heading back to Port Douglas, We have decided to plan a trip to Oz in July 2016. It’s going to cost a fortune but wee really want to have one blow out amazing vacation for the family. Now getting back to life and I am off to cook a Chilli Con Carne for the rugrats, great to be winding down.

Back later with more on the great tour to Oz


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