Kidney Stones…….. Amazing timing

Well it’s only gone and happened again, I have more kidney stones. Well that is I am 99% sure of it. Just out of the shower and passing blood in my water..aarrrggghhhh

So a little back story, I have had numerous issues with kidney stones, last major issue was April last year when I collapsed at home and the wife brought me into hospital at 4am kids in tow. She dropped me at the door and took the boys home, I stayed and was  admitted immediately put on morphine drip, did not work.  Nothing was cutting through the pain until they gave me something else… no idea what it was but it was good. Ended up 5 days in hospital and having an op to have them removed. Some follow up assessments and no sure sign as to why other than it was uric stone not the more common calcium.

Back to the this morning and just finished a 5 km run, had a shower in work and went to the bathroom and started passing blood. I have had this too many times to know the symptoms and I am now in the process of passing the stone. Only thing i can do is drink liters of water and chomp on a few pain killers and hope its not too bad. Timing could not be worse, Have a major meeting today in the office, Driving to the west of Ireland tomorrow morning for a wedding next week where i am the photographer, wife is a bridesmaid and I hope all this is not canceled due to these stones???

Updates to follow… unless i am in hospital later?




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