Birthday over – Amazing cake – REVIEW

So the big day for Liam arrived and he turned 6, I cannot believe how quickly the last 6 years has come around. Seems like yesterday we turned up at Holles Street awaiting for the little mite to arrive. Pacing the halls with Jodi in order to speed him along, He still does things in his own time so nothing much changed there.

As with all parents you try and make the day special, getting the presents they asked for or at least doing your best to get said presents which can be hard 2015 - 14and expensive. This year was not too bad, Hurlog, unlike his brother he is into Hurling, a Big Hero 6 Baymax action toy and a new pair of football boots. Given the JIA has been such a major factor in his short life the football boots are such a big deal and represent his battle with Arthritis, so happy he can slip them on every now and again to get a run out. The big thing was this year a Batman cake…

What type of cake, how big, how many people would it feed. Well the last part was not too bad as there was not big party this year. Just a small affair with family so we could dial back on the size cake.  Being smaller was good as price was a consideration and we did not want to waste it. After looking around we came up with a giant cupcake, who better to approach than .

After having a couple of their cakes already I pretty much knew we were in good hands and again they did not let us down. The order was simple:-

  1. Giant cupcake
  2. Batman theme
  3. Yellow and black
  4. Must have Batlogo on top

So what did we get(Photos below)? We got exactly what I pictured, black and yellow piped icing, Yellow topped with Classic Batman Logo from 1989 Batman film. and the taste was that good it was a battle to keep Liam away until we cut the cake at nearly 9pm that night. How a 6 year old was able to wait until that time to cut his own cake was beyond me but he did it. Inside the cake was a amazing chocolate sponge with white butter cream filling. and it was lapped up a treat. Liam’s face was a picture when I showed him after it was collected. After a busy day bowling, playing games and a KFC treat and then getting his big brother to football trials (thats a whole other post) we managed to get over to nanny’s house and settle the boys for the evening, after they loaded up on cake and we legged it leaving them here for a couple of nights.

All in all I could not recommend Johnnie Cupcakes enough, not only did they deliver exactly what I wanted they are also open to your ideas on your cake and will get it to the best location for you to collect.

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*This was an open review to which did not sponsor or pay for in anyway shape or form. Cake supplied was bought and paid for by myself.

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