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Bank Holiday, Sore back, Prepping for wedding photo’s

Well another bank holiday weekend has passed by and what did we do? 

Well apart from get ready for work on Tuesday where I have an all day meeting I did manage to get a few bits done. Mrs Working Dad was working this weekend, Being as she works for a large charity as a care assisting to adults and kids with learning difficulties on relief this means her hours are all over the place and often not known until the last minute. This weekend was working Saturday full day – finished at 8pm and home at 8:30 to meet her cousin who popped in to say hello – he also dropped off his camera (Canon 6d) for me to borrow as I am taking the photos at my sister-in-law’s wedding in a couple of weeks. Bed early as she was back in work from noon Sunday to noon monday.

My sunday was then spent visiting the kids nanny and laying a new bathroom floor for her good self with the brother-in-law. Collected Jodi from work yesterday, popped to the shops to get Liam he present for his big 6th birthday. Wednesday will be fun as he is demanding balloons and banners when he gets up. due to weather we have no idea what we are going to do…. the day will let us know but thinking is something indoors.  Back is now in bits, very close to going to docs today but will see how we get on in the office.

The Working Dad

The Working Dad

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