Try to save money – something always comes up……

Well this month I wanted to set a target to save as much as possible until the end of the year…

Had my budget apps on the iPhone all set up – Spendbook and BUDGT – Even set up an excel sheet to project salary vs bills and balance all the way to Feb 2016. In what seems to be the way things are at the moment stuff just seems to happen. Day I get paid I get ready to leave for work, Open the front door, pull it close behind me and the handle comes clean off in my hand, pulling out the steel holding on the handle on the inside and dropping it to the floor.

Had to call into work as Mrs Working Dad had plans today so could not leave the house with out locking it up. Had to spend two hours looking for a replacement handle which only one stockist had. Drove over and back fitted and now working from home for the day…. Cannot believe my luck at times – Still lets see how far we get into the month with out something else breaking…..


The Working Dad

The Working Dad

The Working Dad is a regular guy called Darren, Working as a senior manager for a leading NGO I have two kids and happily married. This is my blog about the life and times of being a dad today..
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