REVIEW: Inside Out – Disney/Pixar

Ok so you may have already noticed we went to the flicks last night and watch the new film from the Disney/Pixar studio.  to be honest i was not looking forward to it. I had seen a few spots on TV, few trailers and for some reason it just did not grab me like Cars, The Incredibles or the very brilliant Toy Story. Even talking with a few dad’s in work who have children around the same age as my own were really looking forward to it and could see something I just couldn’t. 

Given I was up at 5am for work and arrived home just after 5pm, scoffed a burger and jumped into Walle (pet name for the Passat Estate family bus)I was not really in the mood for an evening at the flicks. Putting aside rude children with no manners we settled in and got ready for what was to come…… the screen turned brighter with a lovely island scene, two birds flying together and some tropical music started to play.. then a signing volcano pipes up and got to be honest, was not for me but please see preview below:-

Onto the main event and and Inside Out starts, and I have to say it’s a very enjoyable film, the main players in Riley, Joy & Sadness are very well written and play out well together. the main concept of the film is played out from the point of view that emotions and feelings are characters in your head. Based on what you see and hear they work a console to make you act and speak in a certain way. the best example is part way through when the family are having dinner and the Dad misses action from Mum and… well see clip below..

The story is that of a family with one young daughter Riley who move to San Francisco when Dads business starts to take off, Riley is settled and has a good life in Minnesota and so this move as for most 11 yr olds is very hard to take, what makes this difficult however is when Sadness touches a core memory in Riley’s head and turns it sad from being a joyous memory. This unleashes a chain reaction that send both Joy and Sadness on an adventure to rescue the core memories,  get back to headquarters and stop Riley from running away as only fear, disgust and Anger are left
manning the console and as such all decision making goes from bad to worse. Along the way they meet the imaginary friend from years gone by who now reside in the memory dump destined to be forgotten and who helps them both ultimately return to headquarters to save the day.

It is a film that is simple enough for the youngest child to enjoy and offers enough complexity to surprise parents. It takes the most basic of human emotions and reflects on their glorious messiness. It also manages to fit in a scene that visualises  abstract thought process, where if you only saw the screen for those few minutes you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching some sort of weird art film.

I have to say in short this film really won me over, maybe I was burned a few times from previous Pixar efforts that went astray, but the way in which this film moves from being a joy to watch to being a little on the dark side and seeing Riley move from being a happy go lucky little girl to becoming withdrawn, moody, sad and angry was very interesting to see. The whole tone and pallet of the film shifted when the mood changed in the third act and it was done so well.

After what seems like an age from Toy Story 3 Pixar are back on form again with Inside Out.

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P.S. be kind it’s my first film review……  😉

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